Hello, i am Jodie…thank you for being here.

 As a professional Reflexologist; I am passionate about bringing reflexology to you in the comfort of your home

I deliver a relaxing, rejuvenating and calming reflexology treatment which includes an aromatherapy footscrub, soothing tea, ambient music and warm towels.

This way you can completely embrace the healing benefits of your treatment without having to drive in draining traffic afterwards. It may just be difficult to get out of the house due to health reasons or time restraints so i am happy to bring you some much deserved pampering and care.

I am here to help you nurture your nature

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In a world where things are getting faster, busier and more demanding of our time and energy, it’s easy to forget to slow down for a moment. To take time out for ourselves to nurture our bodies mind and spirit and those things that make each one of us wonderfully unique… to start afresh and remain resiliant and inspired.

Neglecting to do this can result in a build up of stress, tension and overwhelm and can put your body into a state of ‘dis -ease’ becoming vulnerable to illness.

You want your body to be in a state of harmony and homeostasis (the bodys natural ability to heal itself) in order to be resilliant.

Reflexology is the perfect way to work with your body and uncover what you need to do to help it achieve this strength. It is the perfect way to help you quickly relax, de-stress, rebalance and nurture your body, mind and spirit.

health rebates available with some health funds


Perhaps your feeling unwell, out of balance or just need to relax but find it tricky to get out of the house for health reasons or time constraints…or for whatever personal reason… mobile reflexology offers you a fantastic opportunity to recieve a bueatiful theraputic treatment that is delivered to you right in the comfort of your own home; allowing you to truely relax and soak up the benefits. How wonderful would that be.

Perhaps the complications of finding time, fighting traffic to travel to a clinic within your busy schedule gets in the way.

Thats why i come to you, Reflexology in the comfort of your own home, your sancturary. The big bonus is that after your reflexology you will remain in a state of calm and relaxation which means your body can fully embrace the healing effects of your treatment, all the good work will not be undone by a stressful drive afterwards.

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enjoy a reflexology treatment in the comfort of your home…

feet petals

 1 hour reflexology treatment including aromatherapy footscrub and soothing tea in the comfort of your home- $60

 I will bring the spa to you! This is time for you; so embrace and enjoy

Your Reflexology treatment will be created to align with your health and well-being goals. I am here to help you Nurture your nature.

gift vouchers available

health rebates available with some health funds

pensioners discounts available

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Reflexology for events


 in the work place…

let your staff know that their wellbeing is of upmost importance to you and thank them for all their efforts by providing 20min reflexology breaks at work, help them to refresh and refocus.

 girls nights in…

Treat your friends to some relaxing and pampering reflexology at your event or get together, It will add a unique special touch that will make your party memorable.

Events, conferences and meetings…

keep your attendants calm, focused and re-energized by offerring reflexology on breaks during your conference or event


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work with me
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