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about sole direction reflexology

 Nurture your nature by enjoying a blissful reflexology treatment, catered to your health and well-being goals in the comfort of your home. Completely soak up the calming, rejuvenating and healing benefits of reflexology without having to drive home in draining traffic afterwards. It may just be that its hard to get out of the house due to health reasons or time constraints; so Sole Direction will bring the health spa to you with joy. Fully embrace this much deserved time for you.



what is a treatment like

Completely Relax and unwind in a reclining reflexology chair, put your feet up into the sensitive hands of your reflexologist for a blissful treatment that will be aligned to your health and well-being goals.

Imagine enjoying this time out for you with one hour of pampering reflexology. Experience having warm towels wrapped around your feet, ambient music in the background, natural creams and a soothing essential oil footscrub and yummy tea to finish.

Its non evasive, stay dressed. You will just need to remove shoes and socks. When we treat your feet, we treat your whole body. It will soak up the healing benefits; thats the beauty of reflexology.

Experience all this in the comfort of your own sancturary


to prepare for your treatment

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after your treatment because reflexology gets the circulation going which helps illiminate toxins and blockages; so we want to encourage it by nurturing your circulatory system with natures gift of water; try Adding some lemon too

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what is Reflexology

Get your circulation and blood flowing to where it needs to go in order to promote and support the bodys natural ability to heal itself and maintain balance. Stress and tension creates blockages within the body which inhibits nerve impulses from working to the best of their ability. This results in messages not getting to their destination clearly and throws the body out of balance; causing illness or malfunctions to develop. Reflexology puts your body into a state of calm to be able to return it to its own natural rythmns through homeostasis (the bodys natural ability to heal itself)

There are thousands of nerve endings on the soles of our feet (one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings anywhere in the body) When blockages occur within the body they show up as calcium deposits and acid crystals on the end of the nerves that pass through the affected part of the body. so when nerve impulses are not functioning well, normal circulation of blood to the various parts of the body is inhibited.

The parts, organs and glands of the body are mapped onto the soles of our feet which contain these corresponding nerve endings; these are called reflexes. By applying pressure with thumbs and fingers to these reflexes we can break up the deposits and encourage the body to clear its blockages through improving circulation. This way the body will naturally illiminate blockages through its own detox process and start to re-balance and harmonise itself; increasing your vitality and endurance through returning to a state of calm.

Reflexology is a bueatiful complimentary therapy for maintaining a sense of well-being and harmony.



what are the benefits

I passionately believe that together with a healthy diet, exercise, taking care of your state of mind and taking steps to enrich your spirit and true self…reflexology can nurture your nature and work to enhance your health and wellbeing and bring balance no matter what journey you may be on. Reflexology is a bueatiful complimentary therapy to any medical treatment you may be having.

improves circulation and nerve impulses

restores balance
relieves stress and tension

calms the emotions; excellent for anxiety and depression

aids in pain relief

facilitates a deep state of relaxation

helps to refocus

a great preparation and recovery tool for athletes

soothes tired feet and conditions of the feet such as plantar faciitis

removes toxins and blockages through boosting the lymphatic system

increases vitality and energy

Helps to strengthen the immune system

enhances the body’s natural healing processes

improves sleep quality, relieves fatigue and insomnia


health rebates available with some health funds

Australian Health Management

Australian Unity Health


CBHS health fund

CUA Health



Health Partners

Manchester Unity

Medibank Private

Reserve Bank Health Society

Teachers Health fund

Railway Transport Health

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“I wasn’t really sure about how reflexology worked, other than understanding that the points in the feet correspond to the related organs of the body. A reflexology treatment with Jodie soon showed me that via massaging and applying pressure to these points in the feet, related issues that lie dormant in the body are essentially ‘unlocked’, bringing them to the surface for healing, allowing me to become my own ‘doctor’ in treating these issues. I now see Jodie once a month for a treatment and this allows me to remain connected to my body and continually address any associated issues in the body. 
After a treatment with Jodie I feel lighter and clearer, and days following I feel brighter and stronger. I highly recommend Jodie’s healing hands in reflexology as a form of treatment for consciously uncovering any symptoms that need attention. Thanks Jodie “
– jem, with sole direction since june 2014

I have been seeing Jodie regularly for the past few months for reflexology treatments. By the end of the session I have found that I am more energized, relaxed and can sleep better. Jodie is very passionate about the work she does, she is very caring, compassionate and insightful. Nurturing my feet in this way is the best thing I could do for my feet and entire body and I look forward to my next session of absolute bliss

                                                                                                                        -Suzana, with sole direction since July 2015

I have recently commenced working with Jodie to manage the intrinsic muscles in my feet. I train and spend most days on my feet. After sessions with Jodie, my feet feel lighter and more relaxed. I always ensure my sessions occur leading up to main  events. This allows me to be as prepared as i can be. Working in the health sector, i believe managing our feet is an important aspect of health and is too often ignored. I highly recommend Jodie and her services.

– Chelsea Morley ExHealth Rehabilitation services, with sole direction since november 2015

Jodie has an honest and easy manner that makes me feel very comfortable. Her firm hands released stagnant lymphatic sludge that left me feeling chilled and energized after the detox. Reflexology will be a part of my yearly health check up. I recommend you make it apart of yours too, you wont be disappointed.

– Jennifer Duenzl, Aromatherapist, Point Cook, with sole direction since June 2015

Such a relaxing and therapeutic treatment and not just on the feet! I soaked it all up and really felt its benefits! Such a heavenly way to de stress and detox at the same time. Such a pleasure to meet Jodie too – definitely an earth angel! Very pleasant and intuitive. Will definitely continue this treatment! Thank you Jodie! Xo

                                                                                                                                                                                                      – Anastasia, with sole direction since July 2016

the journey
the journey
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